Student Innovation for Global Health Technology (SIGHT)

SIGHT establishes a platform for students to create innovations in health technology for developing regions around the world. Through this program, students can participate in a training camp, course work, team projects, and overseas study trips. It can also provide financial support to students working full-time on projects with local or overseas NGOs.


BSc in Global China Studies, Class of 2020

SIGHT gave me the platform and a very resourceful team from all kinds of academic backgrounds to bring high quality healthcare to the most disadvantaged communities in Cambodia.

A global citizen can assess challenges holistically in ways that are conducive to novel solutions informed by ideas from a myriad of contexts. HKUST, with its international community and global outlook, is specifically prepared to produce these kinds of individuals.

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HKUST Connect

This community engagement program was set up to raise awareness of social issues in partnership with the wider community. In the program, students organize initiatives that assist and empower those in need, while growing as a person. From training and volunteer work to service learning trips and leadership development programs, HKUST Connect enables students to make a meaningful impact on the community.

HKUST Sustainability

HKUST provides opportunities for the entire university community to get involved in achieving its sustainability goals, such as reducing waste and energy consumption. Two examples include the Sustainable Smart Campus Leadership Program, which gives students the resources needed to design and organize green projects, and the Green Team, which allows students, staff and campus residents to make the campus more sustainable through grassroot initiatives.