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BEng in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Class of 2021

PhD Student in Bioengineering at Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Early Research and Extracurricular Experiences:

  • Research Intern, HKUST Department Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)
  • Vice President, American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) HKUST Student Chapter
  • Eco-Rep / Project Leader at the Sustainable Campus Leadership Program
  • Exchange at Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

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In preparation for her application to Georgia Tech, she enrolled in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). Through this program, she took up two research projects under the guidance of world-renowned professors during her second and third years.

“The best part about UROP is how empowering it is,” she says. “You get to work independently and implement your own ideas. This experience is what best prepared me for my PhD application and the degree itself.”

She also learned skills that are crucial to the scientific process, such as literature reviews, basic laboratory techniques, and data analysis. At the end of the two projects, she wrote a comprehensive report summarizing her research.

“This experience not only strengthened my relationship with professors who would eventually become my recommenders, but also showcased my potential in research. This greatly helped me in my application.”

Although her studies at HKUST can be demanding of her time, Ishita recharges her batteries by taking part in sports, public speaking, and art. She says this is possible as HKUST allows for flexible schedules that enable students to develop into well-rounded personalities.



BBA in Management and Marketing,
Class of 2021

HKUST was an ideal choice for Parcae, as it helped him develop the leadership skills needed to embark on a business career. These included internship and exchange opportunities at organizations such as ThinkYoung, an international think tank, and WWF Hong Kong where he joined the digital marketing team. Today, he works for Agnus Consulting, designing and delivering leadership development programs that help to transform organizations around the world.

It is rare for a fresh graduate like me to support leaders and organizations in their transformation journey. But this is something I am passionate about even though it is very challenging to work in this industry at such a young age.