A global citizen can assess challenges holistically in ways that are conducive to novel solutions informed by ideas from a myriad of contexts. HKUST, with its international community and global outlook, is specifically prepared to produce these kinds of individuals.

Global perspective


BSc in Global China Studies,
Class of 2020

Master of Public Administration at UCL, United Kingdom

Overseas Experience:

  • Intern at New York State Assembly, USA
  • Exchange at UNSW Sydney, Australia
  • Exchange at Shanghai Jiao Tong University

But why HKUST in particular? As Fernando sees it, the main attraction of the Global Chinese Studies program is its flexibility and interdisciplinary nature, as well as the University’s global outlook. “HKUST did not bound me to pursue a pre-determined major, like universities in other countries tend to do, but instead encouraged me to discover my own interests as I was studying my degree.”

He also had the opportunity to participate in programs with a diverse group of students. An example of this was a project under the Student Innovation for Global Health Technology (SIGHT) program, which involved deploying an electronic medical record system in Phnom Penh, Cambodia to give disadvantaged communities there a higher quality of healthcare.

“The fact that our team combined students from over five nationalities, from all kinds of academic backgrounds, helped guarantee the success of our technology, and prepared me for the kind of work environments I will be experiencing throughout my career.”

HKUST also provided Fernando with all the tools he needed to make the most of his studies. These have included overseas internship, exchange and research placements, as well as the space to initiate his own community project — REMAKE Repair Parties, an electronic-waste reduction initiative Fernando has undertaken to promote sustainability on campus and beyond.

Fernando’s extraordinary time at HKUST prepares him to continue his around-the-world journey at UCL in the UK, where he will be exploring the impact of public policy during the global pandemic.



BBA in Operations Management and Marketing,
Class of 2020

Since graduating from HKUST, Zoe has gone on to fulfil her ambitions of becoming a global businesswoman at a Malaysian company serving Asia Pacific, Spain, and Colombia. The groundwork for this career was first laid while at HKUST, where she learned the basics of Spanish, German and Japanese at the University’s Language Center and on exchange programs in the Netherlands, Brunei Darussalam, and Estonia.

My exchange experiences sparked my interest of living in different places and helped me become more open to overseas working experiences. Although I am from Hong Kong, I now consider myself a “global citizen” and try to stay connected to global events.