BSc in Chemistry, Class of 2016

MPhil in Chemistry, Class of 2018

PhD Candidate in Chemistry

HKUST Experiences:

  • Capstone Research/Research training at The Chan Laboratory
  • HKUST Student Ambassador
  • Exchange at National University of Singapore

Besides the outstanding performance of HKUST in the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) and the QS World University Rankings, my experience during the Capstone Research course and the impactful research topics are why I wish to pursue a PhD at HKUST.

Michael has since gone into the Capstone Research program as he was interested in Environmental and Analytical Chemistry. His first project studied the effects of certain chemicals on food crops.

“I was particularly interested in knowing how our daily lives interact with nature, as we use and discharge a lot of chemicals into the environment,” Michael says. “For example, how do the pesticides or insecticides farmers use in agricultural activities affect air, water, soil, food chains and living organisms? How do they interact?”

The paper based on his research was subsequently published in an academic journal and received the 2017 Research Article of the Year Award by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry and the Division of Agrochemicals of the American Chemical Society.

In addition to the Capstone projects offered by Schools or Program Offices, all students can choose to engage in academic research through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).

From that auspicious beginning, Michael has decided to pursue a PhD in Hong Kong as it has been consistently ranked among the top 20 in INSEAD’s Global Innovation Index. Additionally, there are virtually unlimited opportunities to conduct advanced research not only at HKUST but also other universities as well as Hong Kong’s private and public sectors.



BSc in Integrative Systems and Design, Class of 2021

Mashiat has been able to turn her innovative ideas into reality thanks to the substantial support and countless opportunities she received at HKUST. She has already received many accolades for her involvement in a wide range of community and experimental projects. She recently cofounded Projekt, an upcycled jewelry line created from e-waste that continues the drive for innovation in a sustainable development context.

While studying here, I had the opportunity to learn how to deploy design thinking in my technical projects, while also getting in-depth knowledge in product technology. In today’s fast-moving world, it is very important to be a generalist, especially for budding entrepreneurs looking to solve world problems.