A Sustainable Campus in Nature

Our seaside campus is not just an oasis of thoughts for its inhabitants, it is also a vibrant community practising sustainable living.


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Immerse yourself in a multicultural environment

HKUST student body and faculty team are very diverse. We also have strong tides with top institutions worldwide, further broadening the horizons of our students.

Cindy Tanaka

BEng in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering,
Class of 2022

My first impression of HKUSTers was vibrant and energetic. It still stands true after spending three years and counting with some of the most loving, welcoming, open-minded, and passionate people that I have ever met.

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Most Diverse Student Body in Hong Kong

25% are non-local

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Overseas Exchange

We offer one of the most comprehensive exchange programs in Hong Kong with partners spanning across five continents. While international travels has been affected by the pandemic, the virtual exchange program continues to provide ample study abroad opportunities beyond physical borders.

Overseas Internship

Over 80% HKUST students have completed at least one internship before graduation, including those who have interned outside of Hong Kong through the collaborations between the University and overseas employers.


BBA in Operations Management and Marketing,
Class of 2020

My exchange experiences sparked my interest of living in different places and helped me become more open to overseas working experiences. Although I am a Hong Kong native, I now consider myself a ‘global citizen’ and always to stay connected to global trends.

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Arts, Music, Sports, and more

We understand that it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle in your university experience. At HKUST, our vast campus has room for many sports facilities. It is not a novelty to take a morning dip in the seaside pool, or go on a sunset run in the seafront sportsground.

Opened in Fall 2021, the Shaw Auditorium is the new cultural hub for performing arts and large-scale events.

Yanna HUI

School of Engineering

The campus is perfect for any sport enthusiast. Thanks to the HKUST Student Athlete Admissions Scheme (SAAS), I can study engineering and chase my goals in professional cycling at the same time.

Why Hong Kong

Hong Kong is more than a vibrant, cosmopolitan city. It is an experience unlike any other. For those who know us, Hong Kong is one of the safest, most convenient cities in the world, with fast, reliable internet connections, outstanding public transportation, restaurants, clubs and galleries, lush country parks, and long sandy beaches. For students and graduates, it’s the opportunity not only to thrive but to build a career and form global networks in one of the most exciting cities on earth.

In 2021, the Safe Cities Index by The Economist put Hong Kong at No.8 in the world. The pandemic has proven how vital our world’s best infrastructure and robust healthcare system are to preserving public health and the economy.

Internatioinal Gateway

Hong Kong is an international destination, known historically as the gateway to the East. Today, the city is less than one hour by land transport to Mainland China and within five hours’ air travel to half the world’s population. In Hong Kong, you can communicate easily in English, make friends with people from a variety of different cultures, and establish business connections that will last a lifetime.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

The enterprising spirit of our people has always been the driving force behind Hong Kong’s success. If you have an innovative idea, you can set up a business here quickly, easily and with a minimum of red tape. If you need investors to fund your startup, there are endless ways to raise capital in one of the world’s most important financial centers.

We welcome talents from around the world, and we definitely want to retain those who have studied with us. Upon completion of their undergraduate studies, non-local fresh graduates can stay in Hong Kong for 12 months after graduation to seek employment.