HKUST graduates remain extremely competitive in a challenging job market


in Global Employability

HR Consultancy Emerging and Times Higher Education 2021



took up internship before graduation*



enter the workforce or pursue further studies upon graduation*



surveyed received three or above job offers*

*HKUST Career Center 2020

Entrepreneurship Center

At the HKUST Entrepreneurship Center, we organize seminars, workshops, competitions, mentorships, and accelerator funds that support you throughout your startup journey — from knowledge acquisition to commercialization. Our goal is to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs whose companies will make a difference in Hong Kong and other regions of the world.

Zeynep Naz Aydin

BBA in Economics, Class of 2023

Establishing a startup had nothing to do with the fields we were trained in. This is where we can thank programs such as the Student Start-up Grants at the Entrepreneurship Center. They support students from all backgrounds.

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Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition

Established in 2011, our annual entrepreneurship competition is open to everyone at HKUST, including students, alumni, and faculty members. During the competition, participants form teams to create new business ideas and the opportunity to receive seed money for their business.


HeadStart@HKUST is a workplace immersion scheme for first- and second-year students that provides summer internships, skills training and personal development as well as mentorship by business leaders and successful alumni.


BBA in Management and Marketing, Class of 2021

It is rare for a fresh graduate like me to support leaders and organizations in their transformation journey. But this is something I am passionate about even though it is very challenging to work in this industry at such a young age.

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Career Center

Our Career Center gives you access to a wide range of career development resources and advisory services. These include the Internship Network (iNet), where you can find local and overseas internship opportunities, and the biannual Career Mosaic job fair, where you will have the opportunity to meet hundreds of top employers. The Centre has achieved the highest ranking in the Best Career Services Satisfaction Award by Universum for eight consecutive years.