A living sustainability lab

Our faculty, students and alumni frequently join forces to come up with innovative projects. Funded by the University, these projects draw ideas from different disciplines to come up with smart solutions for sustainable living. As a result, our campus has become known as a testing ground for the smart city movement.

Mashiat Lamisa

BSc in Integrative Systems and Design, Class of 2021

While studying here, I had the opportunity to learn how to deploy design thinking in my technical projects, while also getting in-depth knowledge in product technology. In today’s fast-moving world, it is very important to be a generalist, especially for budding entrepreneurs looking to solve world problems.

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Undergraduate Student-initiated Experiential Learning (USEL) Program

This unique program was set up by the School of Engineering to give students the opportunity to form teams and try out a project. The USEL Laboratory is equipped with outstanding facilities, such as a design studio, prototyping studio, laser cutting machine, and 3D scanner. Project teams can decide whether their project is credit bearing or not and can consult onsite faculty members for guidance. After a project is completed, each team will participate in a poster fair publicizing their work.


An annual hackathon is held each year for students to develop prototypes, meet industry experts and pitch ideas, all within a 24 or 48-hour window. It is one of the largest student-driven hackathons in Asia, attracting more than 2,500 participants from over 30 countries and territories since its launch in 2014.

At the forefront of robotics with HKUST

HKUST Robotics Team welcomes robotics enthusiasts from all schools and programs to join one of three sub-teams at the ABU Robocon, MATE ROV underwater robot challenge, and NXP CUP Intelligent Car Racing competition. The HKUST team has represented Hong Kong in the ABU Robocon 11 times, while the ROV Sub-team has won championships ten times in a row at the IET/MATE Hong Kong Regional Underwater Robot Challenge.