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BSc in Environmental Management and Technology

BSc in Environmental Management and Technology
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JS5812 BSc in Environmental Management and Technology
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BSc in Environmental Management and Technology
Students who have developed clear interests in this program may apply and be admitted directly to this program.
One of the schools in HKUST
Students can get admitted to one of the following Schools first, and enroll in Environmental Management and Technology in their second year through Major Selection Exercise:
• School of Science
• School of Engineering
• School of Business and Management
• School of Humanities and Social Science

Sustainability and the protection of our environment are among the greatest global concerns of today and tomorrow, with an ever-more pressing need to find a balance between human development and environmental well-being.

The pace-setting BSc in Environmental Management and Technology (EVMT) program offers a unique opportunity for motivated students to move ahead in this area, educating a new generation of environmental professionals with cross-disciplinary knowledge to deliver ecologically and economically sound solutions and to take up the role of sustainability managers in corporations in Hong Kong and around the globe.

Drawing on HKUST’s expertise in science, engineering, management and the social sciences, the EVMT program examines issues from multiple viewpoints to enable students to integrate different perspectives and generate innovative ideas and solutions. Specially designed courses cover subjects such as environmental technology, environmental law, environmental, social and governance (ESG) management and reporting, green business, energy resources and sustainable development. In the final year study, theory is put into practice through working on real-world problems with companies and NGOs in the Capstone Project. Internships, exchanges and the development of social skills, including effective communication, teamwork and leadership training, further develop students’ capabilities and confidence to work on environmental issues in business, governmental and institutional sectors.  EVMT is accredited by the Hong Kong Institute of Qualified Environmental Professionals (HKIQEP).

Career Prospects

Environmental sustainability is a global challenge and should be a concern of every organization. Understanding the complex interface between the environment and an organization requires a blend of skills in both environmental science and management. With integrated academic and practical training, EVMT graduates are uniquely positioned to answer the growing demand for environmental professionals. Graduates can expect to pursue careers in multinational firms, government and non-governmental organizations. 

Employment status of EVMT graduates (as of 2021): 

  • Business and commerce (50%)
  • Further study (15%)
  • NGO (15%)
  • Environmental consultancy (15%)
  • Other (5%)
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“Immersed in a program that covers a wide range of topics and offers students opportunities to test and showcase their skills, I became someone who is aware of major issues happening around the world, able to think holistically and come up with recommendations from different perspectives, and proficient in leading, communicating, persuading, and working with others. The skills I learned and the mindset I developed while studying EVMT allowed me to excel in various areas: as a candidate for jobs; as an employee in the workplace; and as myself, in my personal growth.”
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Andrew Ng (Hong Kong)
Class of 2018
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