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BSc in Integrative Systems and Design

BSc in Integrative Systems and Design
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BSc in Integrative Systems and Design
Students who have developed clear interests in this program may apply and be admitted directly to this program.
One of the schools in HKUST
One of the schools in HKUST
Students can get admitted to one of the following Schools first, and enroll in Integrative Systems and Design in their second year through Major Selection Exercise:
• School of Science
• School of Engineering
• School of Business and Management
• School of Humanities and Social Science

The BSc in Integrative Systems and Design program provides a multi-disciplinary training to students in integrative systems and design. Students acquire knowledge in design and systems thinking, specific technology and entrepreneurial spirit through learning-by-doing. The program adopts team-based and, project-based learning as the primary method of instruction. Students work on projects throughout their four years of study. These project courses represent an important component of ISD design-infused curriculum, which provides students opportunities to practice integration of design skills while developing expertise in different engineering disciplines. 
The birth of disruptive innovations requires both cutting-edge science and engineering advancement and design skills.  This creates a huge demand for innovators who can integrate know-hows that span different disciplines in a human-centered mindset. 

Curriculum Focus
ISD students will be afforded many unique learning experiences in alignment with program goals of being interdisciplinary, learner-centric. The following program elements, by design, focus on developing students' ability in context-based problem solving and technical competencies. 

  • Individualized Learning Pathway
  • Unlimited Access ISDworks! Makerspace
  • Cornerstone projects 
Career Prospects

ISD graduates can enjoy a diverse range of career opportunities that train them to tackle real-world problems throughout the program.  Some examples include:

  • Design engineers with the ability to apply design principle to create innovative engineering solution.
  • Technology consultants and analyst specializing in effectively understanding user needs and possessing design competencies beyond simple appreciation of design.
  • Product architect and manager leading multi-disciplinary team from product definition to deployment.
  • Entrepreneur with human-centered approach and deep technology insights.
  • Researchers in transdisciplinary research domain for integrative systems.
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“Imagine, Design and Create”
I always believe the ability to create is the most powerful ability one can own. In ISD, I am given freedom to branch out and give everything a try, which allows me to take knowledge learnt into practice to solve for real life problems. I enjoy it: knowing that I am making my imagination visible, through design I am creating changes to build the world a better place.
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Jasmine LI
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Year 3 Student
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