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School of Engineering


BEng in Aerospace Engineering

BEng in Aerospace Engineering
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JS5200 Engineering, JS5282 Engineering with an Extended Major in AI
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Students who wish to spend more time exploring their interests may apply and be admitted to the School of Engineering without a major. They will be able to apply to Aerospace Engineering during the Major Selection Exercise at the end of the first two or three semesters.

Aerospace engineering is an important academic program at HKUST. The program equips graduates with a solid practical and theoretical understanding of the essential disciplines of aerodynamics, aircraft structures, flying vehicle dynamics and control, propulsion, materials, aero elasticity, and interdisciplinary design. Graduates are thus well suited to careers in aerospace and related engineering fields. The program also offers cutting-edge knowledge of sustainable aerospace engineering through its emphasis on green aviation and new flying vehicles. 

#42 in Engineering—Mechanical, Aeronautical and Manufacturing (No.1 in Hong Kong)
(QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024)

Career Prospects

Graduates typically work in major aircraft or aerospace service or manufacturing companies, such as Hong Kong Aero Engine Services Limited, Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited, Cathay Pacific, and Zhuhai Aeronautical Company (a joint venture between China and Germany). They are often responsible for managing the design, maintenance, or modification of aircraft or aerospace systems, and some even become pilots. Graduates may also consider pursuing further studies, i.e., M.Sc., M.Phil., or Ph.D. degrees, at local or overseas universities.

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“As an avid aviation enthusiast, I found a sense of belonging at HKUST. The University not only has experienced professors and teaching staff; it also offers unlimited opportunities to students with a passion for their fields. As international exposure is conducive to students’ career development, HKUST endeavors to provide a blend of overseas exchange and internship opportunities to broaden students’ horizons. I was fortunate enough to intern at Boeing and Cathay Pacific while studying at HKUST. These internships fortified my interest in aviation and laid a solid foundation for my career. HKUST trains students to be adaptable and flexible enough to meet the needs of an uncertain future. I hope that you will all find your path to success during your wonderful university lives at HKUST.”
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Mr. Wong Man Hang, Henry
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Second Officer - Cathay Pacific
2014 Graduate
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