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Dual Degree Program in Technology & Management

BEng/BSc & BBA Dual Degree Program in Technology & Management
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JS5901 BEng/BSc & BBA Dual Degree Program in Technology & Management
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BEng/BSc & BBA Dual Degree Program in Technology & Management
Students who have developed clear interests in this program may apply and be admitted directly to this program.
One of the schools in HKUST
Students can get admitted to one of the following Schools first, and enroll in Dual Degree Program in Technology & Management in their second year through Major Selection Exercise:
• School of Science
• School of Engineering
• School of Business and Management
• School of Humanities and Social Science

Under the Academy of Interdisciplinary Studies, the Dual Degree Program in Technology & Management (T&M-DDP) is designed to provide a world-class interdisciplinary education that emphasizes technological innovation and managerial leadership with an inclination towards a global perspective. T&M-DDP, the first of its kind in Hong Kong, offers high-caliber students an inspiring opportunity to gain two internationally-recognized degrees in five years: Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) or Bachelor of Science (BSc), and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

T&M-DDP empowers students the skills to analyze issues from both technological and business viewpoints and to solve problems with both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Students also develop awareness of different cultures and global perspectives and foster a willingness to serve. With double degrees in technology and management, our graduates have a wide variety of career advancement opportunities.


As a fully-integrated program, T&M-DDP students study engineering/science and business courses every year. In addition to the major disciplines, students are also exposed to courses in mathematics, entrepreneurship, social science and humanities, and business communications in English and Chinese to sharpen their analytical skills and critical thinking and broaden their perspectives. The program is challenging but delivers outstanding opportunities for students to acquire broad and deep knowledge in technology and management.

Engineering/Science Options:

  • BEng in Aerospace Engineering*#
  • BEng in Bioengineering*
  • BEng in Chemical Engineering*
  • BEng in Civil and Environmental Engineering*#
  • BEng in Civil Engineering*#
  • BEng in Computer Engineering*#
  • BEng in Computer Science*#
  • BEng in Decision Analytics*#
  • BEng in Electronic Engineering*#
  • BEng in Industrial Engineering & Engineering Management*#
  • BSc in Integrative Systems & Design*#
  • BEng in Mechanical Engineering*#
  • BSc in Biotechnology (offered by the School of Science) 


Business Options:

  • BBA in Economics
  • BBA in Finance
  • BBA in General Business Management
  • BBA in Global Business
  • BBA in Management
  • BBA in Marketing

*These majors can be declared with an Extended Major in Artificial Intelligence
#These majors can be declared with an Extended Major in Digital Media and Creative Arts

Enrichment Activities & Signature Courses
Apart from overseas exchange and internship opportunities, T&M-DDP offers a series of unique TEMG courses to cultivate students’ innovative thinking, deepen their knowledge of technology and management, and develop their communication and interpersonal skills, equipping them to become tomorrow’s global leaders:

T&M International Business Plan Competition (TEMG4970)
A popular international event, co-organized with overseas partner institutions in different continents. Past partners include the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Bayreuth and University of Sao Paulo. Participants work in multinational teams to develop creative applications and viable business plans for an emerging technology.

T&M Corporate Consulting Projects (TEMG4950) and T&M Prototyping and Research Projects (TEMG4940)
Students solve real-world challenges faced by our corporate sponsors using advanced technology and business strategies in the format of consulting, desktop research or solution prototyping. Past corporate sponsors include Arup, Bayer Japan, Google, UBS Zurich/APAC, P&G, HARMAN, IBM, and PCCW-HKT, among many others.

T&M Case Analysis and Product Innovation (TEMG3950)
This is a fundamental course to develop students’ structured problem-solving skills using MECE frameworks, and communication skills using 5-Step Persuasive Selling in essay and presentation format. Also, it helps foster critical thinking using techniques such as Design Thinking, Value Proposition Design, and Business Model Canvas.

T&M Professional Activities (TEMG1010)
Throughout the 5-year program, a variety of Technology & Management enrichment activities e.g. Survival Camp, Executive Forum, career workshops, are offered to enhance students’ presentation and communication skills, develop their cross-cultural understanding, and cultivate their leadership abilities. These professional activities are customized for each class to meet the specific needs of students at different development stages.

Interview is compulsory for admission. Selected Band A applicants will be invited to attend an interview in May or July 2024.

Career Prospects

Dynamic and forward-looking, T&M-DDP graduates can handle technological issues and understand business management.

Our graduates work in diverse industries. (as of 2022):

  • Banking and Finance (25%)
  • Engineering (23%)
  • Further Studies (15%)
  • Consultancy (13%)
  • Business Management (11%)
  • Information Technology (11%)
  • Startups (2%)
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The Dual Degree Program gave me a platform to participate in many enrichment activities, including corporate projects, international business plan competitions, and executive forums. This exposure to practical challenges in the industry transformed me into a fast problem solver with the ability to understand and interpret corporate operations and provide solutions to enhance business growth.
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Sarang GUPTA (India)
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BEng/BSc & BBA Dual Degree Program in Technology and Management
Class of 2016
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