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Dual Degree Program in Technology & Management

BEng/BSc & BBA Dual Degree Program in Technology & Management
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JS5901 BEng/BSc & BBA Dual Degree Program in Technology & Management
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BEng/BSc & BBA Dual Degree Program in Technology & Management
Students who have developed clear interests in this program may apply and be admitted directly to this program.
One of the schools in HKUST
Students can get admitted to one of the following Schools first, and enroll in Dual Degree Program in Technology & Management in their second year through Major Selection Exercise:
• School of Science
• School of Engineering
• School of Business and Management
• School of Humanities and Social Science

The Dual Degree Program in Technology & Management (T&M-DDP) is designed to provide a world-class interdisciplinary education that emphasizes technological innovation and managerial leadership with an inclination towards a global perspective. T&M-DDP, the first of its kind in Hong Kong, offers high-caliber students an inspiring opportunity to gain two internationally-recognized degrees in five years: Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) or Bachelor of Science (BSc), and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).
Dual Degree students learn how to analyze issues from technological and business viewpoints and solve both quantitative and qualitative problems. Students also develop awareness of different cultures and global perspectives and foster a willingness to serve, gaining much more than two degrees. With double degrees in technology and management, our graduates have a wide variety of career advancement opportunities.

As a fully integrated program, T&M-DDP students study engineering/science and business courses every year. In addition to the major disciplines, students are also exposed to courses in mathematics, entrepreneurship, social science and humanities, and business communications in English and Chinese to sharpen their analytical skills and critical thinking and broaden their perspectives. The program is challenging but delivers outstanding opportunities for students to acquire broad and deep knowledge in technology and management.

Provide world-class interdisciplinary education with emphasis in technology and management with global impact.

To be a leading program that nurtures global leaders with technology and management know-how. 

Core Values
Global view – Being able to perceive and understand other views or people with a broad and open mindset and holistic consideration.
Impactful – Making conscientious efforts to improve the well-being of the world and the society.
Leadership – Shaping the vision and providing positive directions to guide and enhance the work quality and impact of peers.
Passion – Working with an intense desire and enthusiasm.
Professionalism – Being able to communicate and contribute to work outcome with knowledge, integrity and quality.

Program Structure

Business Options

  • BBA in Economics
  • BBA in Finance
  • BBA in General Business Management
  • BBA in Management
  • BBA in Marketing


Engineering Options

  • BEng in Aerospace Engineering*
  • BEng in Bioengineering*
  • BEng in Chemical Engineering*
  • BEng in Civil Engineering*
  • BEng in Civil and Environmental Engineering*
  • BEng in Computer Engineering*
  • BEng in Computer Science*
  • BEng in Decision Analytics*
  • BEng in Electronic Engineering*
  • BEng in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management*
  • BSc in Integrative Systems and Design*
  • BEng in Mechanical Engineering*

* These majors can be declared with an Extended Major in Artificial Intelligence


Science Option

  • BSc in Biotechnology


Enrichment Activities & Signature Courses

A variety of enrichment activities help students consolidate multi-dimensional problem solving skills, communications skills, and global understanding through real-life practices. Examples include exchange programs, internships, executive forum, and leadership training. The following are some key enrichment activities and signature courses offered to T&M-DDP students.

Signature Courses

  • T&M International Business Plan Competition (TEMG4960)
  • T&M Corporate Consulting Projects (TEMG4950)
  • T&M Corporate Proof-of-Concept Projects (TEMG4952)
  • T&M Case Analysis and Value Proposition Design (TEMG3950)
  • T&M Professional Activities (TEMG1010)
Career Prospects

Dynamic and forward-looking, T&M-DDP graduates can handle technological issues and understand business management.

Our graduates work in diverse industries: 

  • Banking and Finance (24%)
  • Engineering (23%)
  • Further Studies (16%)
  • Consultancy (14%)
  • Business Management (11%)
  • Information Technology (10%)
  • Startups (2%)
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I have always dreamed of building my own business and creating something that has a positive impact on people’s lives. That’s why I chose the Dual Degree Program: I knew that it would provide me with unique exposure to the worlds of both business and engineering. After graduating from the Dual Degree Program, I created the Lumos Helmet, the world’s first bicycle helmet with integrated lights and turn and brake signals, which makes cycling at night much safer.
Student Name
Jeff CHEN (Mainland China)
Student Program
BEng/BSc & BBA Dual Degree Program in Technology and Management
Class of 2015
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