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BEng in Bioengineering

BEng in Bioengineering
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JS5200 Engineering, JS5282 Engineering with an Extended Major in AI
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Application Choice
Students who wish to spend more time exploring their interests may apply and be admitted to the School of Engineering without a major. They will be able to apply to Bioengineering during the Major Selection Exercise at the end of the first two or three semesters.

Bioengineering combines engineering and the life sciences. Bioengineers use engineering principles and the power of biology to tackle medical challenges and improve human health, as well as addressing a wide range of urgent issues, from energy shortages and environmental pollution to food and water security and population aging. The program provides foundational mathematics and science courses specially designed for bioengineers, along with two areas of specialization (data-oriented and molecular-oriented). Graduates find employment as bioengineering innovators, researchers, clinical scientists, and entrepreneurs. 


  • #73 in Engineering — Chemical (#1 in Hong Kong)
    (QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023) 

Signature Courses: 

  • Data Science for Biology and Medicine 
  • Synthetic Biology and Biomolecular Engineering 
  • Introduction to Bioinstrumentation 
  • Cellular and Systems Physiology for Engineers 
  • Modeling for Chemical and Biological Engineering
Career Prospects

Graduates of the BEng in Bioengineering have versatile skills and can develop careers in manufacturing, R&D, quality control, and consulting in many sectors. Their employers include: 

  • Biotechnology firms 
  • Consumer products companies 
  • Cosmetics and skin care companies 
  • Energy companies 
  • Engineering equipment companies 
  • Environmental engineering and consulting firms 
  • Food and beverages companies 
  • Petrochemical and polymer plants 
  • Pharmaceutical companies 
  • Process engineering design companies 
  • Risk and safety consulting firms 
  • Semiconductor and electroplating companies 
  • Testing and certification companies 
  • Utility and construction companies 
  • Waste management and recycling companies 
  • Government 
  • Hong Kong Productivity Council 
  • Hong Kong Science Park 
  • Banking and investment companies 

Some Bioengineering graduates choose to become entrepreneurs, having started their own companies to develop innovative technologies. Others pursue higher degrees at top local or overseas universities. A number of alumni are now professors in Hong Kong and the U.S.

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"I chose CBE because of my interest in biomedical research, specifically in drug delivery science. In my second year of studies, I discovered that Prof. Ying Chau’s research focus was in the drug delivery space, and joined her lab as a student helper. This decision, coupled with my passion to pursue knowledge, kick-started an 8-year journey in CBE, from Bachelor’s all the way to PhD. It was a rewarding and life-changing experience, one that confirmed my interest in developing a career in the healthcare space, and led to my entrepreneurial journey to convert cutting-edge biomedical research into a commercially viable healthcare business."
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SUEN, Langston
Class of 2010
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