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BSc in Individualized Interdisciplinary Major

BSc in Individualized Interdisciplinary Major
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One of the Schools in HKUST
Students should get admitted to one of the following Schools first, and enroll in Individualized Interdisciplinary Major in their second year:
• School of Science
• School of Engineering
• School of Business and Management
• School of Humanities and Social Science

The Individualized Interdisciplinary Major (IIM) offers a non-traditional, cross-school academic pathway for exceptional students with the vision, talent, and character to create their own study program. 

IIM students have the academic freedom to combine courses from different departments and Schools at HKUST, and even different universities, to develop an interdisciplinary major that is tailor-made to their intellectual interests, with standards ensured by a small supervisory team of professors and field experts. 

Students who join this exciting degree program will be well-positioned to pursue a novel interdisciplinary research field or a career in an area of emerging significance. 

The Individualized Interdisciplinary Major is currently the only program of its kind in Greater China. At leading universities globally, such as Harvard University, Yale University, the California Institute of Technology, and Cornell University, such programs have established themselves as a superb option for a small group of high-potential individuals who flourish best by moving beyond regular curricula to fully engage their passion for a particular subject or a pace-setting combination of disciplines.

Approved IIM Programs

  • Anthropomorphism in Interactive Systems
  • Behavioral Consumer Science
  • Bioenergy Management
  • Bionics
  • Brain Computer Interface
  • Built Environment Design
  • Computational Cognitive Science
  • Environmental Geoscience
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Innovation Management
  • Medical Engineering
Career Prospects

Individualized degree holders’ outstanding knowledge and skills, along with their clear commitment to and enthusiasm for the subjects selected for study, opens up an exciting range of possibilities for graduates. Options include working in the area of specialism for an established company, further study and research in emerging fields, or developing a start-up.

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“I have finished my BSc in Bionics. What is bionics? It is the interdisciplinary study of biology, mechanics, electronics, and control. The IIM gave me the wonderful opportunity to tailor-make my own program to my specific interests. With the support of professors and the School, I was able to turn my hand to something I actually enjoy learning!”
Student Name
Thomas Narayana Swamy (India)
Student Program
(Majored in Bionics)
Class of 2019
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