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BSc in Biotechnology

BSc in Biotechnology
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JS5103 Science (Group B)
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Science (Group B)
Students who wish to spend more time exploring their interests in the field of chemistry and life science may apply and be admitted to Science (Group B) without a major. They can opt to declare Biotechnology as the major upon completion of the first year of study.

The Biotechnology (BIOT) program is designed to cover the research and development of biotechnology products and services, including medicines, cosmetics, health supplements and genetic diagnostics. The program provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge of the latest biotechnological developments, with a particular focus on the applied aspects of life science. The curriculum also requires a basic understanding of concepts across various biological spectra including biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, microbiology and genetics. Starting from the 2023 intake, BIOT students will follow one of two study tracks that have distinct strengths.

•    Applied Bioscience Track
This track aims at enhancing students’ learning through a range of experiential learning or project-based courses. Students will be provided with ample opportunities to tackle real-world problems in biotechnology, formulate experimental plans, devise biotechnological solutions, and transfer practical knowledge to society.

•    Entrepreneurship Track
This track aims at enhancing students’ vision and knowledge of entrepreneurship through various co-curricular activities. Students will be trained to formulate integrated commercial solutions to academic and real-world problems in biotechnology. Students will also be encouraged to enter internal and external entrepreneurial competitions and turn their ideas into commercial practice.

#54 in Natural Sciences (No. 1 in Hong Kong)
(QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022)

Career Prospects

The Biotechnology major equips students with various basic and specific biotechnological knowledge to meet the growing demand in the markets of pharmaceuticals, agriculture, business and education. The underlying objective of the major is to provide a fresh supply of capable workforce to propel the local and regional biotechnology industry. Career opportunities are amply available in both the private and government sectors.

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“While studying Biotechnology, I have been able to meet passionate professors and like-minded friends. Laboratory courses give us the opportunity to gain hands-on experience of using various laboratory equipment. The School’s Office of Academic Advising and Support provides us with full support, covering our academic development, our personal development, and career advice. Each year, a wide range of activities are arranged to enable students to grow and learn. To better prepare myself for the future, I have actively participated in these events. For example, the MenTernship program gave me the invaluable chance to learn and gain advice from mentors, and the peer mentorship program enabled me to guide and advise new university students.

This year, I also participated in a competition named “Science is Everywhere,” which allowed me to promote popular science to the community. I am glad to have had the opportunity to put my ideas into practice with support from professors and SCI/HOME staff.”
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Rachel LAM
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BSc in Biotechnology
Class of 2021
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