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School of Science


BSc in Chemistry

BSc in Chemistry
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JS5103 Science (Group B)
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Application Choice
Science (Group B)
Students who wish to spend more time exploring their interests in the field of chemistry and life science may apply and be admitted to Science (Group B) without a major. They can opt to declare Chemistry as the major upon completion of the first year of study.

Students of BSc in Chemistry will study all aspects of chemistry and related disciplines. General areas covered include analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry. Specialized areas include environmental chemistry, medicinal chemistry, biological chemistry, polymer chemistry, materials chemistry including nanostructures, advanced instrumentation, and advanced computational / theoretical chemistry.

The program offers four options:
•    Biomolecular Chemistry Option
•    Environmental and Analytical Chemistry Option
•    Materials Chemistry Option
•    Pure Chemistry Option

This program provides excellent general training in both analytical thinking and problem-solving skill. The curriculum, which includes basic training in analytical, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry and modern laboratory techniques and skills, has been specifically designed to allow students maximum flexibility in determining the extent of their specializations.

#55 in Chemistry (No. 1 in Hong Kong)
#45 in Materials Sciences (No. 1 in Hong Kong)
(QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023)

Career Prospects

Our graduates have gone on to become chemists or scientific officers in government laboratories or private accredited laboratories, school teachers, environmental consultants, chemical engineers, Chinese medicine researchers, pharmaceutical lab chemists, marketing representatives for lab equipment suppliers and computer companies, scientific patent officers, scriptwriters, reporters for science journals or magazines, as well as postgraduates that pursue higher degrees in both local and overseas universities.

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“The training I have gained so far during the Chemistry program has equipped me with technical knowledge and critical thinking skills. Together with the motivating learning atmosphere created by professors and friendly schoolmates, I have developed a strong passion for studying science here. Meanwhile, the School of Science provides us with many enrichment activities, both academic and extracurricular. Last year, I joined a Career Mentor Training Scheme and the mainland internship program, through which I polished my coaching skills and gained valuable industrial insights to prepare me for my future ahead. It is really a blessing to be a member of this big family.”
Student Name
Kenneth TONG
Student Program
BSc in Chemistry
Class of 2022
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