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International Research Enrichment

BSc in Biochemistry and Cell Biology
BSc in Biotechnology
BSc in Chemistry
BSc in Mathematics
BSc in Ocean Science and Technology
BSc in Physics
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JS5101 International Research Enrichment
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Application Choice
International Research Enrichment
Students who have developed clear interests in this program may apply and be admitted directly to this program.
Science (Group A)
Students who wish to spend more time exploring their interests in the field of physical science may apply and be admitted to Science (Group A) without a major. They can transfer to IRE program after their first year of study.
Science (Group B)
Students who wish to spend more time exploring their interests in the field of chemistry and life science may apply and be admitted to Science (Group B) without a major. They can transfer to IRE program after their first year of study.

The International Research Enrichment (IRE) Program is designed for students interested in pursuing a research career in science, or broadening their exposure to research during their undergraduate studies. The program emphasizes curiosity and grit, which are the essential attributes of a successful career in scientific research.
The IRE program has a similar curriculum structure to the Science (Group A) and Science (Group B) programs. But it distinguishes itself from the regular science program by providing students with the following:
•    Free choice of major programs among Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Ocean Science and Technology, and Physics
•    Participation in advanced research projects under the supervision of world-class professors
•    Opportunities to participate in the events of Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS), and meet with Nobel Laureates and renowned scientists
•    Individualized Research Guidance and Mentoring from experienced faculty members
•    Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)
•    Exchange and internship opportunities in renowned foreign universities/research institutes
 - Summer research internship opportunity in foreign universities and institutions
 - Scholarship support for overseas learning trips

Most of our graduates have been admitted into top research postgraduate programs at world-renowned universities.

Applicants can apply for the IRE program through the direct choice in HKUST, or apply for transfer from the regular Science (Group A) or Science (Group B) program of the School of Science to IRE program after their first year of study. Applicants interested in IRE program are encouraged to include either Science (Group A) or (Group B) program, and the IRE program, in their program choices of the application. Admissions interview is a compulsory requirement for admissions to the IRE program.

Career Prospects

Building upon the premise that exposure to international research environments at an early stage is essential to a fruitful research career, the IRE program offers outstanding science students an early opportunity to nurture their research abilities and solidify their discipline-specific knowledge in regular science programs. Most of the graduates will pursue further studies in renowned universities around the worldwide.

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“The IRE program serves as a hub for research-minded students in the School of Science, where we are given guidance and resources to explore our interests. IRE students are offered opportunities to examine various topics in real-world research under the direct supervision of professors. Moreover, the school-sponsored overseas summer research internship enabled me to join a research group at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), which operates one of the largest laboratories on the planet.

HKUST has a strong research environment, and the IRE program augments this experience for science students.”
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William YAM
Student Program
BSc in Physics (International Research Enrichment Track), with additional major in Mathematics
Class of 2020
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