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BSc in Physics

BSc in Physics
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JS5102 Science (Group A)
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Application Choice
Science (Group A)
Students who wish to spend more time exploring their interests in the field of physical science may apply and be admitted to Science (Group A) without a major. They can opt to declare Physics as the major upon completion of the first year of study.

Physics encompasses everything from the tiniest elementary particle to the ultimate fate of the universe, and provides the foundation for all modern science and engineering. The BSc in Physics program gives students depth and breadth in their studies. Students will learn about exciting topics ranging from quantum computing, superconductivity and nanotechnology to quarks and black holes. The program prepares students for science-related careers, or further studies in physics and related fields.  

The program offers two options:
•    Honors Physics Option - This option is intended for students planning to enter graduate school after their undergraduate studies at HKUST. The curriculum provides a strong foundation of courses and requires students to complete a research project and thesis in their final year.

•    Physics and Mathematics Option - This option is intended for students with a strong interest in both physics and mathematics. It is particularly useful for students who plan to pursue future studies in theoretical physics.

Extended Major option
Subject to quota availability, the PHYS students can opt for an Extended Major in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Extended Major is not a standalone major, but is adhered to a certain majors as expanded choices, enabling students to keep abreast of emerging technology and innovation that are shaping our society in a multi-faceted way. 

On top of expertise in physics, the PHYS students with an Extended Major in AI will acquire multidimensional visions and knowledge of emerging AI technologies, and can apply innovative technological skills to solve real-world problems in the area of their expertise. Upon fulfillment of the curriculum requirement, the students can earn one of the following awards: 
•    BSc in Physics with an Extended Major in Artificial Intelligence

#101 in Physics and Astronomy (No. 1 in Hong Kong)
#45 in Materials Sciences (No. 1 in Hong Kong)
(QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023)

Career Prospects

Since students are rigorously trained in generic analytical and problem-solving skills, they are well prepared to take up jobs with diverse natures in both the government and private sectors. Students can work in education, research and development, technical sales, forensic science, medical industry, commerce, banking, etc.

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“As a person who is passionate about physics, studying this subject at HKUST was very enjoyable. At HKUST, I met a lot of talented schoolmates and seniors with a strong passion for scientific research. It was very inspiring to discuss academic matters and career paths with them. I participated in the UROP, which piqued my interest in doing research. The guided research courses for IRE students also gave me a valuable opportunity to learn more about my professors and their research interests. Apart from studying, I took part in various extra-curricular activities. For example, I was a peer mentor for the School of Science last year. As part of this program, I met some friendly group members and mentees, which improved my soft skills and expanded my social network."
Student Name
YUAN Weijun
Student Program
BSc in Physics (International Research Enrichment Track)
Class of 2020
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