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School of Engineering


BEng in Mechanical Engineering

BEng in Mechanical Engineering
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JS5200 Engineering
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Application Choice
Students who wish to spend more time exploring their interests may apply and be admitted to the School of Engineering without a major. They will be able to apply to Mechanical Engineering during the Major Selection Exercise at the end of the first two or three semesters.

The program has a three-stage structure. The first stage concentrates on the fundamentals of mechanical engineering. The second stage integrates engineering sciences with laboratory work and exposes students to state-of-the-art tools and equipment. The third stage comprises electives that provide students with sufficiently in-depth knowledge in one of the following areas of specialization: 

(i) Building Services, Energy and Environmental Engineering, 

(ii) Mechatronics, Design and Manufacturing, and 

(iii) Structure, Materials and Reliability Engineering. 



  • #28 in Engineering—Mechanical, Aeronautical and Manufacturing (#1 in Hong Kong)
    (QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021)
Career Prospects

In Hong Kong, mechanical and aerospace engineers are in high demand in many sectors, including utilities, transportation, infrastructure, the built environment, environmental services, precision design and manufacturing, and automation. Our students also have numerous opportunities in the sectors of strategic planning, management, and investment in advanced technology. In recent years, new fields such as smart buildings and smart manufacturing have created new employment opportunities for graduates. Graduates may also consider pursuing further studies, i.e., M.Sc., M.Phil., or Ph.D. degrees, at local and overseas universities.

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“Many people who work at sea agree that being a member of the merchant navy is not a job, but a lifestyle. Working and living on foreign-going merchant navy ships is difficult to imagine for people on shore. As a marine engineer on board, one not only has to operate and maintain everything in a miniature society in a very robust and demanding environment, but also live away from home and most other connections for six months at a time. This makes a career in the merchant navy very challenging. I am very thankful to HKUST for giving me various opportunities that widened my horizon, and I am even more thankful to the MAE Department for having encouraged us and introduced us to different career prospects. I would not have become a proud sailor otherwise.”
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Ms. Chan Lok Sang Yoyo (Hong Kong)
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Chief Engineer in Operating Department, Shun Tak - China Travel Ship Management Ltd [Turbojet]
2012 Graduate
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