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BBA in Management

BBA in Management
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BBA in Management
Students who have developed clear interests in this program may apply and be admitted directly to this program.
Business and Management
Students who wish to spend more time exploring their interests may apply and be admitted to the School of Business and Management without a major. They will be able to apply to Management during the Major Selection Exercise at the end of the first two or three semesters.

The BBA in Management (MGMT) program equips students to succeed in today’s competitive business world by teaching them to evaluate the current needs and anticipate the future needs of organizations. 

MGMT students are trained in the aspects of management that are essential to drive business growth, including planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling organizations. 

Our students learn how to strategically formulate short- and long-term organizational goals, systematically study corporate decision-making processes, carefully design organizational structures, tactfully solve business problems, and thoroughly understand the human motivations behind them all. 

The Department of Management has introduced three options, the CSR and Sustainability Option, the Consulting Option, and the Human Resources Option, to enable students to develop their specialties. These three options help prepare students to meet the challenges of emerging marketplace trends. 

MGMT students are offered an excellent array of courses to suit their particular academic interests. These courses include Organizational Behavior, Negotiation, Management in Chinese Contexts, Human Resources Management, Strategic Management, and International Management. The Management Department also provides specialized studies in Entrepreneurship for students interested in running their own businesses.

Extended Major
MGMT students may apply for the extended major in Artificial Intelligence or Digital Media and Creative Arts at the end of the 3rd term of study, if they satisfy the extended major requirement. Students completing the extended major will graduate with a title bearing both the traditional major subject they selected and the extended major. For more details, refer to “Business with an Extended Major in AI / DMCA.

in Business and Management Studies (#1 in Greater China)
(QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023)

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Effective management is the bedrock of business success. Our graduates are welcomed into jobs in a wide range of fields, such as finance, logistics, telecommunications, IT, utilities, education, consulting, and social entrepreneurship. The positions taken up so far by our graduates include those of auditor at Deloitte, human resource manager at CLP, management trainee at PCCW, and relationship manager at Hang Seng Bank.

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Stepping out of my comfort zone to apply business knowledge in real life, I gained skills that I would never have found in a classroom setting.
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BBA Finance & Management
Class of 2018
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